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  • OneMsg® is your keyboard for messaging, email and more
  • Create and share doodles, contacts, and your location
  • Puts emojis, doodles and everything you do at your fingertips
  • EASY! Install, access and go
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Keyboard Icon


Mobile friendly keyboard.

Sketch Icon


Sketch a doodle and share it from your keyboard.

Location Icon

Share Location

Check in from any app on your keyboard

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Share Contacts

Share address book contacts from your keyboard and be in control of how much detail you share

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Express yourself with emoji

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Full Access required?

OneMsg® values your privacy and trust. Certain functions of OneMsg®, such as Location, Doodle and Contacts, need Full Access to be able to operate. The keyboard only uses the Full Access setting to allow these functions to work.

How do I insert doodles or a contact's photo from the keyboard?

When you lift your finger after drawing a doodle or select a contact's photo, the image is copied to your pasteboard. Simply tap in the field or document where you want to paste the image. Not every application accepts pasted images but many including SMS/Messages and Mail do.

How do I share contact information?

First, select the first letter of the contact's last name. Then scroll and select the contact you wish to view and/or share. Then tap each field that you wish to share. If you select the person's photo, you will also need to tap in the destination field until the Paste option appears. Select Paste and the image will appear. Note that not all applications accept pasted images.

How do I access the keyboard after installing and adding it?

Bring up the keyboard in any app, tap the globe button located in the bottom left corner of the keyboard. The OneMsg® keyboard will have four keyboard buttons that allows you to switch between drawing, location, and address book.

How do I switch keyboards?

Tap the globe button in the bottom left corner. Four buttons will appear to the right that allows you to switch between drawing, location, address book and calculator. Tapping the globe button a second time will switch away from the OneMsg® keyboard to the next system keyboard.

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